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National Safety Month

Summer is finally upon up us. Drivers are hitting the highways for baseball games, family reunions, vacations, and more! Here are a few driving tips to help you avoid  a car wreck during National Safety Month.  Distractions Distracted drivers cause car wrecks....


The last couple of weeks have brought us relief from the Mississippi summer heat. The days are shorter, and we can enjoy sitting on the porch without sweating. Fall decorations are popping up all over town, and the holidays will be here soon.  Today I noticed the...

Labor Day: Celebrating the American Worker

The first Monday of September is drawing near. Many Americans will spend this weekend relaxing and spending time with family. If you're from the South, it means barbecuing, the beginning of dove season, and that college football is near. Of course, we are talking...

We’re not acting

You flip on the TV and listen to the news while you get ready for work. You're brushing your teeth when you hear: "Have you been hurt in a car wreck?" As you look up, a "former client" a/k/a an actor pops on the screen (smiling and seemingly in no pain) to inform you...

Spring Temperatures Cause Motorcycle Fever

  Winter is finally over and you are itching to put on your leather and hit the road as the warm air hits your face. You back your Harley out of the shed where it has been safely tucked away when it was too cold to ride. You give it a good cleaning from top to...

Benefits in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

  Lost Wages and Travel Expenses An injured worker who has received an injury while on the job and loses more than 5 days of work with a medical excuse is entitled to benefits for lost wages. Workers' compensation pays 2/3 of the injured worker’s average weekly...

Do You Need A Will?

A will is a document that indicates how you want your assets to be divided and distributed when you die. Ask yourself these questions. Are you married? Do you have children? Do you want your belongings to be given to certain people? If you answered yes, you need a...


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