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The first Monday of September is drawing near. Many Americans will spend this weekend relaxing and spending time with family. If you’re from the South, it means barbecuing, the beginning of dove season, and that college football is near. Of course, we are talking about Labor Day; but did you know that Americans have not always celebrated Labor Day?

In the late 19th century the government started recognizing local ordinances establishing a holiday for workers. Many states began adopting legislation creating a holiday for their workers. By June 4, 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday throughout the United States to pay tribute to the American workers that make this country great.

Labor Day is more than a just a day off from work. It is a recognition of the value of the American worker. 

Frank Shaw Law Firm is proud to have represented American workers for over 35 years, and Lord willing, we’ll keep representing hard working Americans for another 35 years.