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Workers’ Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? Frank Shaw Law Firm in Kosciusko, MS has handled thousands of workers’ compensation claims for workers injured on the job. We have more than 30 years of experience ready to be used against your employer’s insurance company, who look to provide as little as possible. We work for you and your needs, not shareholders, so you can expect our team to vigorously represent your rights.

Why Do Workers’ Comp Cases Take So Long?

Worker's Comp at Frank Shaw Law Firm in Kosciusko, MS.
Truth be told, when you file a workers’ comp case, the process is a slow one. From approvals for medications and doctor’s visits to diagnostic testing and surgery, the timeframe for reaching a conclusion can be long. The insurance company has the right to review your entire medical history, and any records that directly relate to your current injury. Also, when an insurance company requests a second opinion, any new treatment will not be approved until the second opinion and the insurance adjuster reviews the evaluation from the independent doctor. See how time starts adding up.

Unlike other insurance companies, Frank Shaw Law Firm keeps your case moving forward with answers.

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