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Time is crucial. Car accidents are terrifying and often life-changing events. Accidents can leave you confused, disoriented, and in pain, none of which will help you think clearly.

Car accidents can lead to soft-tissue injuries, whip-lash, bruising, broken bones and other more serious injuries that need to be documented by a doctor. Get the treatment you need, and remember to tell us which doctor office you went to. 

Call your insurance company as soon as possible and tell them that you were in an accident. Once a claim is started, write down the name of your adjuster and your claim number on a folder or large envelope. This is where you will keep all of your information that you will need in your case.

This information includes photos of the car as well as the scene of the accident, police report, medical bills, receipts for prescriptions, paperwork from your doctor, off-work slips, loss of wages information, etc.
The earlier you call us, the better. Why? Because we have been through these situations and know when an insurance company is not treating you fairly. Having a lawyer on your side after an accident is an advantage to you.

AND REMEMBER, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TALK TO THE OTHER DRIVER’S INSURANCE COMPANY. The other driver’s insurance company only wants to hurt your case, so don’t let them. 

Instead, call us at 662-289-4740. Our number one priority as your attorneys is to protect your interests while you recover from your accident. Our experienced staff will help make sure you get the help you deserve.