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Lost Wages and Travel Expenses

An injured worker who has received an injury while on the job and loses more than 5 days of work with a medical excuse is entitled to benefits for lost wages. Workers’ compensation pays 2/3 of the injured worker’s average weekly wages up to the maximum allowed by law. Benefits are usually paid every 2 weeks and start 14 days after the date of disability. The 5 days lost at the beginning of the disability are a waiting period for which the injured worker is not paid unless he loses 14 days or more, then the injured worker will be reimbursed for the first 5 days lost. This temporary total disability payment is discontinued when the injured worker’s treating physician releases him back to work.

Workers’ compensation will pay the mileage for the medical visits related to the injury. It is paid at a rate specified by the IRS at the time of travel. In order to be reimbursed for the mileage, the injured worker must submit the date, medical facility, addresses and the round trip mileage in writing on a specific form. A form can be given to injured worker for this information. The injured worker may submit this mileage sheet upon each visit, weekly, monthly or once the form has been fully completed.

Medical and Prescription Drug Benefits

Workers’ compensation will pay for the injured worker’s necessary medical treatment related to the injury. The work injury is subject to the price declared in the State of Mississippi and the medical facility cannot collect any additional money from the injured worker for services provided to the worker that is a result of this work injury.

Workers’ compensation will pay for the medication as prescribed by the injured worker’s treating physician. The pharmacy will call your prescription in to the insurance company for approval and/or pre-approval and the injured worker can pick it up at no charge. However, if the injured worker does pay for a prescription, he can keep the receipt of money paid and turn it in for reimbursement.

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