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You flip on the TV and listen to the news while you get ready for work. You’re brushing your teeth when you hear: “Have you been hurt in a car wreck?” As you look up, a “former client” a/k/a an actor pops on the screen (smiling and seemingly in no pain) to inform you that his or her TV lawyer got them a $250,000.00 car wreck settlement.

Inevitably, the commercial ends with a request to call the TV lawyer so he or she can get you the compensation you “deserve.” Unfortunately, a lot of victims of serious car accidents cannot get what they “deserve” because the TV lawyer is selling a fantasy and is little more than an insurance adjuster themselves.

How much compensation you receive in car wreck settlement depends on a lot of factors. A few of those factors are:

1. How seriously you are injured;
2. The liability of the other driver; and
3. How much insurance coverage is available.


Seriously Injured

A lot of car wrecks result in soft-tissue injuries. This includes sore muscles, aches and pains, and stiffness of muscles and joints. They cause serious discomfort, are aggravating, and are painful to those who suffer from them. However, these types of injuries are not as easily proven as a broken bone or muscle tear. The insurance companies know this and fight these cases vigorously.

Liability of other Driver

Wrecks happen. Sometimes its clear who is at fault and sometimes its not. If the insurance company thinks you are a percent at fault, they will reduce the amount of money they are willing to offer to settle your claim.

Insurance coverage

In Mississippi, drivers are required to have a minimum of $25,000.00 in liability insurance coverage. And that is what most drivers have. So how do ALL of the TV lawyer actors get paid a $250,000.00 car wreck settlement?


A $250,000.00 claim depends on the three above factors. Usually, those claims have catastrophic injuries and clear liability. But perhaps most importantly they have an insurance policy with plenty of coverage. Regrettably, sometimes a person’s injuries exceed the value of a minimum limits policy. Unless a person that hits you has a lot of assets, or the ability to pay a judgement above the value of their car insurance policy, the limits of that person’s insurance coverage is generally the maximum value of your claim.

The TV lawyer actor commercials have convinced the public into believing that all car wreck claims, no matter what, are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They’ve also persuaded high volumes of people to call for assistance with their claims. So where does YOUR claim fall in with the dozens of other TV lawyer actor’s claims?

At Frank Shaw Law Firm your claim falls on Frank, Blake, Teresa, or Toyae’s desk. We have handled car wreck claims and complex insurance litigation claims for over 35 years. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We will fight the insurance companies tooth and nail to get you the amount of money you want in your pocket, free and clear of any medical bills you owe.

We do not generate cases off of TV commercials because we have an army of former clients that refer cases to us. Please call us today at 662-289-4740 or 1-800-672-3019 to find out we’re not acting.