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When serious medical conditions keep you from working, benefits through the Social Security’s disability programs can help you. Qualifying for one of these programs can sometimes be difficult though, and you may wish to get help from a disability attorney even before starting your application.

Disability benefits applications can be completed at the local Social Security office or online, via the Social Security Administration’s website. A personal interview will still be necessary to finalize your application for benefits. For this interview, you may need to visit the local office, or in some cases, you may receive a call from the Social Security Administration instead. This is where you will tell them all of the reasons you are unable to work.

To prove that you are disabled, you must have properly documented medical records and ongoing medical treatment. This is an absolute must if you are filing for disability. The judge will not take your word about your disability, however, your medical records will help.

Before filing for either Social Security disability benefits or SSI, you may wish to consider speaking with a disability attorney. Our experienced staff and our compassionate attorneys will help you prepare your claim and help support it with the appropriate evidence, thereby increasing your chances of approval.

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